Monday, 9 July 2007

8 Things Meme

Kris has tagged me for this 8 things meme. I have to write 8 things about myself.

1. I have dark red hair and greenish hazel eyes. When I was in my late teens I was frequently told I looked like Anne of Green Gables. One day, when I was at work in a bakery, a Canadian customer began raving about how much I looked like Anne, in front of my boss and several other customers. She said she wanted to take me back to Canada to show me to all her friends. Megan of Bag End Hobbits used to say that B, whom I later married, was my Gil.

2. Like Anne, I loathed being told I had 'orange' or carroty hair. I was also rather proud of my nose.

3. I have a brother who is just on 11 months younger than me. We had never heard of any siblings as close in age to us until we read the Trixie Belden books and discovered that Trixie and Martin (I think) Belden were 11 months apart too.

4. When we were 9 or 10 years old my brother and I desperately wanted to have a real-life adventure. We were immersed in Enid Blyton, Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew, The Three Investigators -- you name it, we read it. We looked for clues everywhere. One day we saw a boy from down the street get into a car we didn't recognise. We raced home to tell our mother, convinced he had been kidnapped. He hadn't, of course.

5. I got married at 21, whilst still an undergraduate. B was 26. My uni friends thought I was crazy getting married so young but I don't regret it one bit.

6. My favourite colour is green, and I like to have little bits of it everywhere. I go by nature's rule that green goes with everything.

7. My favourite dessert as a child was lemon meringue pie. My mother made it occasionally for very special guests. Lemon meringue pie is also my daughter's favourite dessert. I can't tell you what my favourite dessert is now because I have tasted too many good desserts in my lifetime.

8. I refuse to do duty recreational reading now. There is no 'must read' for me anymore. I no longer set myself reading lists of important or worthy fictional books, unless I think I will like them. Life is too short, and too full of books I will love, to be spent on novels I don't like. I won't even finish books for my book group if I don't like them. I hardly ever buy books anymore; I just get them from the library or sometimes from an op shop. Books have to earn their place on my shelves. I am going to buy a book later this month, however. If I mention the initials 'HP' you can guess what it will be.

Any readers of this blog are welcome to consider themselves as tagged for this meme.


Jenny said...

Have you seen the "Nancy Drew" movie? I was wondering what it was like.

nutmeg said...

Hi Kate. You have a beautiful blog. I have been lurking for the past couple of weeks but must break my silence!

I too have read hair and hated any reference to it that included the words carrot or ginger!

While I'm an avid reader now I wasn't so much as a child. The exception was Trixie Belden. I have started collecting the new hardback versions (having lost my childhood copies somewhere in the many house moves I've had).

One of my favourite colours is eucalyptus green (my kitchen cabinets) and I LOVED lemon meringue pie as a kid.

As to recreational reading - while I am a member of two bookgroups I am lucky that at least one always choses books I like. The other, I'm like you, if it doesn't interest me, I don't finish it (anymore ha ha).

phoeberae said...

I have a little one with red hair, who when Kate and I are out looks more like her child than my own. I was told emphatically by a 10 year old around the time Zee was born that carrot tops are green!

Mrs. MK said...

I LOVE red hair!!!

Bet yours is beautiful!!

Isabella in the 21st Century said...

You'd like my friend Sarah from "A Bend in the Road"...she loves all things Anne Shirley.

My D longs for an adventure and dresses like "George" from "The Famous Five" at any given moment!