Monday, 2 July 2007

School Holidays

Today is the first 'proper' day of our two-week winter school holidays. Yayyy! I love the school holidays. No getting up obscenely early to get everybody organised for the day. No rushing anywhere. No having to go to bed way too early so that I can get up to do the early morning thing. Bliss.

We have lots of plans but little that must be done.

The new Harry Potter film and The Bridge to Terabithia are on the movie list. Certain members of the family have their eyes on Shrek 3 and the Simpsons movie but I can't bear the thought of sitting through them, I really can't.

Miss 10 is doing a three day music camp next week (she plays clarinet) and there will be a concert next Wednesday night. She is also sure to spend lots of time shooting netball hoops and doing girl-stuff with her friend next door over the two weeks. My 8 year old son will play with Miss-next-door's younger brother.

My 13 year old son likes to explore the local bike paths during his holidays (on my insistence carrying a phone, spare cash, and lots of requests to please be careful and speak to no one.) He is also planning to make a short film of a scene from The Hobbit with a couple of school friends for their English class. They are coming here to film, which gives me a good opportunity to see what they are like; he is at a new school this year and the boys come from all over town. Master 13 is vacuuming upstairs while I blog -- oh, I do like holidays.

Apart from film-making, there will be baking, more time to read and think, time to play outside and watch the chooks, time for me to attack the weeds in the garden. On warmer days there should be a picnic or two and trips to the park. There will be time (unfortunately) for my children to almost blind themselves on computer and Play Station games that are restricted viewing during the school term. Hopefully, there will also be plenty of time for me to blog!

Post script: If you're a lurker and haven't left a message yet, or you haven't left a comment for a while, why not stop by this week and say g'day. I'd love to meet more of you:-)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kate: I found you through Natalie's blog, too. I enjoy your recpies and I love the old photos and ads you post here. Are chooks your hens?


Kirsty said...

Hi Kate I found your blog through ALS.It's a great read! I just read the Marie's comment and realised that "chooks" maybe an Australian term? Anyway today is my first visit but I'll be back CYA

phoeberae said...

I'm so blessed to know you in person. Not only do we share a love for good coffee, chocolate all things homey but we are both equally excited about things many others roll their eyes at.
Looking forward to creating some crafty projects with you and getting to know about this kindred-spirit I've found in you.

phoeberae said...

I'm just reading the chook comments above. I've always grown up around them and never called them hens or chickens. It wasn't until I read the comments that I realised this must be a uniquely Australian thing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is an Australian term- I've looked it up. And googled it...the first two links: Creature Features - Chooks
A chook can make a very gentle pet or a great playmate for after school.

And the 2nd link:CHOOKS - fresh & tasty
CHOOKS fresh & tasty aims to be the ‘champion of chicken’ and is dedicated to providing the freshest and tastiest chicken and chips to local communities ...

Quite the juxtaposition, no?


Anonymous said...

Hi found you through ALS been reading for awhile. Really enjoy your blog. Lucky you being on holidays, we are into week 3 of 2nd term here and already I'm sick of school.

cheers Lenny

Kate said...

I loovved that juxtaposition of pets vs dinner!

Love you too and so glad we met. See you on Wednesday. I'm buzzing with ideas of things to make and do.

Thanks for stopping by. It's great to meet you.

Thanks also for commenting. I've seen you on ALS and noticed that you're a mum of four too. It can be a very frazzling experience sometimes, can't it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate
Delurking to say Hi, I love reading your blog. Im in Melbourne too!

Laurie Anne said...

Sounds like you have a great holiday planned. I too love being free from the schedules of school.
Love your blog. You seem like a neighbor (if only you weren't half a world away) :0)

Jenny said...

Don't you just love the holidays. Ours finished however long ago Lenny said and there is no end in sight. Oh I forgot, we have a mid term break in July and I've just realised it is July now.

Isabella in the 21st Century said...

I too love the holidays. I've got another 2 weeks before my little ones break up for the summer. I'm looking forward to it. The holidays just seem more peaceful somehow....and I like having them with me....sometimes homeschooling tempts me but my children go to a very good school and they like it there.

Sandra said...

Love your blog, I have just started reading it. It is fun. I'm tempted to start the quilt with you but I go back to school next week, so I think that I will be short of time. Oh well. I'm in Brisbane and would love chooks.