Saturday, 4 August 2007

Some Good News

I feel wonderfully relieved today.

On Thursday morning I had a call from the hospital to say that they were concerned about the mammogram I had two weeks ago, despite having assured me then that everything looked all right. They felt that there may be a growth close to my chest wall. They insisted that I come back that morning for a repeat mammogram.

When I got there the radiologist gave me a mammogram, looked at the results, then made me go through the whole process again, because she was worried. By this time I was upset (but trying to remain calm) and extremely sore. I must have been sandwiched in that machine at least 10 times. Afterwards, the radiologist said she would call me later that afternoon, after she had spoken to the cancer specialist.

She did not call, but I was told today, after chasing it up myself, that my result is fine.

I am so very thankful and feel myself truly blessed. Events like this remind me to value what I have and to see my husband and children for the amazing blessings that they are.

My husband is travelling overseas tomorrow for a week-long business trip. When he is away I always realise how much he does around here, so quietly and patiently.

Tonight we will have our regular Saturday night guest. Young Kate from next door visits every Saturday evening to watch Dr Who with our children. We are having vegie burgers for dinner with home-made chocolate self-saucing pudding for dessert.

Here is something more to lift the spirits; my first rose of Spring -- and it will still be winter for another month.

white rose at dusk


Tan said...

So glad you got some good news Kate.
My hubby and daughter are watching Dr Who right now.
Take care

Annette said...

I'm delighted that your results were good Kate. I'd like to take this chance to remind everyone that it's not always a lump that we need to look for either. Mine was a skin pucker underneath my breast that could only be seen when my arm was raised above my head. I noticed it one morning whilst applying deodorant. Damn cancer was HUGE but couldn't really be felt and was invisible on mammogram and ultrasound.
On a brighter note....David Tennant...YUM!

Becky said...

Hi Kate! OOOOuch! Having been sandwiched that many times makes me cringe. Joy! that all is ok!! I go in for my mammo in two weeks..I am going to have them do an ultrasound as well being as a regular mammo doesn't always detect cancer, as Annette can speak of. I have tenderness under my left arm pit..probably nothing, but enough to give me a little gut ache. Have a great day! Love the rose, too...oh and Dr. Who! xo, Becky

Polly said...

You must be so relieved Kate. What good news. Some times we need a little jog to remind us of how special life is.

If David Tennant is the latest Dr Who then I agree with Annette....YUM.

Lisa said...

I'm relieved to hear it was all good news in the end.
I haven't managed to catch any of the new series of Dr Who, but loved what I caught last season. David Tennant is a hunk :))