Wednesday, 31 October 2007

No Cook Homemade Playdough

Everybody knows how much young children love playing with playdough: that gorgeous, tactile feeling of squishing the dough between one's fingers, making shapes, even writing one's name with the dough. It is much more economical to make your own playdough than to buy the little commercial tubs. Most homemade playdough recipes call for the dough to be cooked, which requires a large amount of elbow grease and often leads to a very gunky saucepan. This recipe uses the same ingredients but is much simpler and easier to make.

2 C plain, all purpose flour
4 tbs cream of tartar (tartaric acid)
2 tbs cooking oil
1 C salt
few drops food colouring (we used green)
2 C boiling water
1. Place all ingredients apart from boiling water into a large bowl.

2. Pour over boiling water and stir mixture with a large spoon until combined and the dough has begun to cool down.

3. Sprinkle your benchtop with a little flour. Lift warm dough out of the bowl and knead over the flour until it looks like playdough. This is my favourite part; the dough just feels wonderful. Mmmmm.
Warning: The playdough may still be too warm for toddlers to help at this stage.
4. Give your little ones a few cutters and a rolling pin and let them get to it.

5. Store playdough in an airtight container.

My two youngest children have spent hours over the past couple of days playing with playdough at our outside table. I have barely seen them!

I sometimes give my youngest some playdough to play with at the kitchen bench when he wants to be in the kitchen with me but I'm doing something that he cannot 'help' with.

  • For extra special playdough add a few drops of a non-toxic scented oil, rosewater or flavoured food essence (lemon is wonderful) with the dry ingredients. We put some lavender oil in this batch and it smelt divine, but my little boy is past the age of trying to eat the dough.
  • Glitter can also make a very pretty addition, especially for little girls who love sprkly things.
Gift Ideas
  • A tub of playdough with assorted cutters and a child-sized rolling pin makes a wonderful gift.
  • For Christmas try red and/or green playdough with Christmas cookie cutters and a Christmas apron
  • For a little girl try rose-scented, pink, glittery playdough
  • Choose the child's favourite colour and pick cutters that suit their interests; a budding astronomer may like to make their own solar system out of sun, moon and star cutters


Cottage Contessa said...

Morning Kate! Oh I remember the play dough days...........what fun they were! This is the exact same recipe I used to make for my daughter when she was little. Back many moons ago, they shared this recipe on the Play School show on the ABC. We made such wonderfully pretty colours too, and many hours were spent happily squishing away! Have a lovely day, and enjoy those play dough years!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Ali said...

thanks for that easy recipe! even though Miss M is 11 she still occasionally asks to play with playdough and I like the non cook recipe :)

jennifer said...

This is very fun. Thank you for swinging back by due to my Halloween response.

I guess you got a goofy eyefull, as on Tuesdays I hold a family friendly caption contest. People from England,Venezuela, Paraguay, Taiwan, and all over North America participate. I just thought I would let you know as I noticed your kids ages.

Some of our people are young, and i believe 8 was the youngest so far.

The idea is to look at the photo and come up with the best caption for it.

Again thanks for swinging by! I too have 3 boys and a girl:)

Crazy Mumma said...

What excellent timing, thanks Kate! I was just about to make some and I hate cleaning the saucepan afterwards, so this will be perfect. Cheers!

Bren said...

Hi Kate,
I love the smell of play dough and the colors. This is a great idea to share with everyone.

:) Bren

BittersweetPunkin said...

I never had the chance to make my own as my kids were always recipients of store bought play dough for practically every Birthday and Christmas.....sigh...we haven't had any in the house for a few years now!!
( was great fun...and Thanks for your comment BTW!)

Simply Stork said...

I have made this's great stuff...especially for those little ones who still might like to least you know what is in it??

Rose said...

Good Morning Kate- I just love the playdough recipe. As a homeschooling mother I just can never have enough play dough in the house! I just love the way it feels when it is all done. It is so soft I don't want to let it go. I will look up some of Tammy's recipes-Have a lovely day, Rose

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

That is great that you are sharing the recipe for everyone! I use to make it for my kids when they were younger. We loved playing with Playdough and would for hours on end.

Have a lovely day!!


Jen said...

Thanks Kate... so timely, I just made some playdough for Tiger on the weekend, but I used the cook in a saucepan method. What a yucky job it is cleaning up afterwards. Thanks for this recipe I will definately use it next time.

tanya said...

oh no, another great blog taken over by spam - inappropriate spam no less.

you need a good spam filter! personally i recently moved over to wordpress (from blogger) you can see my new blog here: - it's like an online magazine for women and all the hats we wear: chef, super mom, wife, entrepreneur, blogger, bookworm etc :)

anyways, i was researching a good playdoh recipe (like i remember my mom making) for my daughter and found yours, which is eactly what i was looking for. i don't even know why you would cook a playdoh? anyways, thanks a lot for the post, i'll be sure to link back when i share this on MY blog :)

tanya said...

Hi there :)
I shared my experience with your recipe on my blog and linked back to you of course!
You can see it here:
Thanks for a great recipe!
I will keep checking out your blog :)

KJ said...

Hi! This is a great playdough recipe. My favourite way to make playdough is to do your recipe in the bowl of my Kenwood mixer, that way I can read a book with my son while the machine does all the work! :-)

Justbecauseitmakesmesmile said...

I've tried other playdough recipes but they were all the wrong consistency. This recipe worked perfectly the first time! I just let my Kenwood mixer do all the work too.
One twist we add is that I don't color the dough when I mix it but instead hide the food coloring in the center of a ball of dough. Then when the kids play with it they get a surprise. Glitter is a great surprise too.
Thank you!

teacheranne27 said...

Hello I just found your blog while doing a search for home made play dough . I love it . I am a toddler teacher and I've been looking for ideas to keep them interested and right now its to cold to go outside to play so them and myself are getting quite stir crazy lol this is going to be great because commerical playdough is for ages 3 and up and I have to keep it age apporiate thanks so much for the recipe and I will be coming back looking around