Tuesday, 27 November 2007

What Kind of Coffee Girl Are You?

I got this from the gorgeous Kimmie at Over the Moon With Joy. Thanks for the tip, Kimmie!

You Are a Double Espresso

Hey Energizer Bunny Girl! Do you ever slow down?
You're a mix of high energy and ambition, perfectly matched with strong espresso
When you want something you get it - by any means possible
You're driven, determined, and no nonsense. Which is just how you like your java.

For those who don't know, I am a horrible coffee snob.

My husband and I grind our beans every morning and make our coffee using a stovetop espresso maker. I don't add sugar although I do foam up my milk, when I have it.

I won't even try any of the flavouring syrups on the market for fear they will corrupt my coffee.

And I never buy coffee at any of those places that sell it in paper or foam cups -- not just for environmental reasons but because I think that foam and paper ruin the coffee drinking experience. I also don't like coffee sold in mugs. It is usually too milky, weak and insipid.

I do buy my beans at the supermarket mostly, and I don't roast them myself, so I am not quite as extreme as some, but I do come pretty close!

Feel free to shoot me down in flames if I have offended your coffee-drinking sensibilities!


Suzanne said...

You are perfectly correct. If your going to drink coffee, it may as well be the best you can get. Once a month we used to drive for 2 hours to the Bathurst farmer's market just so that we could have a yummy farmer's breaky and the best coffee ever. Although, I must say that I had some excellent coffee whilst on holiday in Melbourne. The one I enjoyed most was at Brunetti's Cakes in Carlton. I don't drink coffee anymore as I gave up when I was pregnant and won't drink it again until I stop breastfeeding. Can't wait to get back into the coffee!

Crazy Mumma said...

Being a coffee snob myself I'm certainly not going to shoot you down, LOL. I like the whole process of making the coffee, it's like making a nice pot of tea, and drinking it on the run and/or out of foam cups? Bah! I've only ever tried one syrup - hazelnut - and it was awful! You aren't missing anything ;-)

Kirstin said...

How funny! I am the "have a little coffee with your cream and sugar" kind of gal, and I love my chocoloate mint mocha from my favorite coffee shop. According to the quiz, I'm an average cup O' Joe.

Nunnie's Attic said...

HA! I'm just "A Plain Ole Cup of Joe" girl. I love coffee and believe me, I can appreciate a good cup of coffee. But I don't go to extremes, I guess.


Aisling said...

I am apparently a "plain ole cup of joe." lol!

Rose said...

Good afternoon-I am a Latte. I do love my coffee-I drink it in the morning sweetened with delicious pumpkin spice creamer. If i drink it after 12noon I will be up all night! I usually dip my homemade biscotti in my coffee-it is a delicious treat. Blessings, Rose

The Tin House said...

Kate, I like your coffee stylings! A note for Suzanne - when next in Bathurst - go to Al Dente in Keppel St for the best coffee in town. It's a tiny hole in the wall cafe but beware, it's also full of many other wonderful goodies and it's a strong person who walks out with just coffee! Lisa J

Kimmie said...

love this...I too am opposed to 'gas station coffee.' My husband will stop sometimes when we are driving and offers to bring me out some...I'd rather die quite honestly -extreme, well maybe ;-)

Glad you had fun, I loved reading your coffee rituals.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

missy said...

i would of never considered myself a coffee snob, but lately i have to admit, i enjoy a good cup! i'm the mom that i holding her cup at 7:30am as i drive my kiddos to school. I can never wave to anyone, because i have one hand on the wheel and one holding my mug of hot coffee :)

enjoy your roasted.....non-plastic/paper cups.


BittersweetPunkin said...

I'm a plain ole cup of joe...thats fine by me!! LOL

Our Family of Five said...

I'm the whole-bean, grind-every-morning, kind of coffee drinker too. I do take sugar and LOTS of cream because I like a strong coffee flavor but not the bitter after-taste. Needless to say, coffee is a pretty big deal around my house. We fluctuate between Starbucks House Blend, Peets Major Dickason's, and the Organic Decaf from Sam's Club. Those are our favorites and at any time you may find one or all of these brands in our cabinet designated solely for coffee and all its paraphernalia. ;)

The Tin House said...

Kate, meant to ask you the other day - how do you store your beans? I've been told and then untold that the freezer is the best place....thoughts?

Susan said...

I'm a coffee snob myself. I drift away from Starbucks beans and try others but I usually end back up with Starbucks beans that I grind at home. I do add half and half and I do add a bit of sugar I have never cared for flavored coffee and especially not the flavored syrups or creamers (ew).