Sunday, 20 April 2008

Ten Reasons Why I Like To Blog

The beautiful Kristen has tagged me for a meme in which I have to give ten reasons why I like to blog. As I still haven't put new batteries in my camera, this seems like a good post for today.

Ten Reasons Why I Like to Blog
  1. Through blogging I can have regular contact with friends all over the world, such as Megs in Seattle. I have also re-established contact with some old friends through blogging, such as Jenny at Bits and Pieces. I love seeing their photos because it helps me to imagine their lives and to feel closer to them
  2. I have had the great honour and privilege to discover kindred spirits all over the world through blogging.
  3. Blogging is a wonderful creative outlet.
  4. While I am still no technological genius, I have learnt quite a few new technical skills from blogging.
  5. I have been inspired by so many other bloggers, from those who share similar interests to me, to those who have broadened my horizons considerably.
  6. I am a big stickybeak and love peeking inside others' homes.
  7. I find the comments on my blog to be a great source of encouragement. Very few other forms of writing offer such positive feedback.
  8. Blogging enables me to share things that are dear to my heart.
  9. Blogging shows me constantly that in every ordinary life there is somebody extraordinary.
  10. Finally ... blogging is fun!

The people I tag are:

Shimmy Mom

Poppies and Daisies (Poppy Black)


A Scrapbook of Inspiration (Karen Harvey Cox)

Cluttercut (Daharja)

Mrs Mordecai


Jenny said...

I think they are all reasons I would give too.

I still have not finished "People of the Book"... I have been too distracted.

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Love your list......I never heard the term "stickybeak" before.....I will have to add that to my vocabulary :-)

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

I have to agree with you on all those reasons! I especailly love finding new people and learning how their lives are. The encouraging comments are wonderful too ;-)!

KarenHarveyCox said...

I love your reasons for blogging, and I couldn't agree more. Thanks for tagging me, this gives me lots of ideas to write about. Karen

KarenHarveyCox said...

Thank you for inspiring me today Kate. This game was just what I needed to shake off the dust from Miss Creative Muse. It was nice to be reminded of why I like to blog. I wrote a little about you too. Thanks again, Karen

Maggie said...

I too love the term 'stickybeak'. I wonder if that would be an acceptable scrabble word?

BittersweetPunkin said...

...and the recipes...all those recipes!!

Our Red House said...

Rosie and Maggie, 'stickybeak' must be an Aussie expression -- I didn't realise.

It means someone who is overly curious or nosey.


Dianne said...

Tracy, Congratulations on being "chosen" and I like your list of reasons for it agrees with all the reasons I like to blog. I like your site and visit here as often as I can. lol!


Dianne said...

Kate, Please forgive my mistake, I called you, Tracy because I was just over to her site "Unless the Lord" and guess I forgot that I had changed sites. My comments remain the same though :-) Senior know or maybe you don't but I have them a lot! LOL!!:)


Missy said...

your list is great! i love that i have you as my blogging friend! you teach so much :) also, i get to learn about your beautiful country.

your blogging friend,

Our Red House said...

Missy, that's so sweet!

K xxx

Kelly said...

I echo all of your wonderful reasons, Kate! I know that I speak for many when I say that I'm SO glad you do blog! :o)

Have a beautiful day, lady!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I answered your tag on my blog today. Thanks for inviting me; I really enjoyed thinking about why I blog.