Friday, 6 June 2008

Chess Lessons

Game of Chess, 1555 by Sofonisba Anguisciola
Game of Chess, 1555

That's what Chess is all about. One day you give your opponent a lesson, the next day he gives you one. Bobby Fischer

Over the past few evenings I have been taking chess lessons from my 9 year old son.

This little lad is quite introverted and is often hesitant about trying new activities. When I suggested he join the chess club at school next term, he said that he isn't a very good player, to which I replied that I bet he could beat me -- and he did.

While in the past I have been taught the various moves of chess, I don't think I had ever played a full game. And what a game it is! It is difficult enough for me to try and remember what each piece does, and to focus on moving one piece around, without worrying about all the others.

I am also not very good at sacrificing pieces willingly for the greater good of my 'army'; I have a tendency to hold on till the bitter end. I can understand why chess was used to teach military strategy to statesmen in past centuries.

Anyhow, now the chess set is out, a game seems to be underway almost constantly. The whole family is joining in, and several 'experts' groan every time someone makes a faulty move.

Finally, tonight I won my first game. I ventured more, attacked more, and watched my pieces better. I think I could really start to enjoy this!

Kate xxx


Left-Handed Housewife said...

My son has been playing chess for several years now (they can start in kindergarten in his school!), and my husband and I used to play before we had kids. If you play a lot, you start to dream about strategy! Maybe that's why I stopped playing. :)

PAT said...

My children play chess, but I've never learned. There is a state park with an old lodge, just across the river in Illinois. The lobby is huge, with a massive stone fireplace. When we stay there, I like to go there and sit. It's so peaceful. In this lobby is a large chess set. The board is a platform as big as a small dance floor. The pieces are at least three feet tall. I enjoy sitting and watching the chess players. Children especially like playing chess at Pere Marquette Lodge.

Shimmy Mom said...

Chess is a game I love and hate. I like you have a hard enough time just remembering how each piece moves and my son (who was on his schools chess team) beats me on a regular basis. I won't even play with my hubby, that's just too brutal. But someday I figure it all out enough to win a game!

Tracy said...

Chess is something I have never attempted. It just all looks so overwhelmingly complicated and difficult. I applaud anyone who is able to master it in any way!

Kirstin said...

Hi Kate. I have never learned to play chess. Sounds fun though!! and I'm sure it's a boost to your son that he beat his mom.

The Mumma said...

before i dated my husband we where friends when i realized i was inlove with him i thought i better ask him all the important questions of life know like to you want 8 children ,do you like cats, and can you play chess.. he said he could not play chess and thats when i knew he was the man for me.. cause we are as silly as each takes brains to play chess and i knew that we were evenly matched ..silly as each other

daharja said...

I used to play chess for the university chess club - and thought I was pretty s**t hot until I got beaten by a kid at a tournament who looked like he was about 8!


My ego took quite a while to recover from that one!

Chess is a great game. My husband and I are now going to get around to learning Go at some stage - in our copious spare time!

River said...

I'm not a fan of chess, there's way too much thinking involved to suit me, but when my son was about 8 he wanted to learn, so I explained the moves, we played a game, which I won, for the second game he was much more careful and after that he was beating me. Years later he taught my granddaughter, his niece, when she was 6. Now they lock heads over scrabble.

Kristen said...

Very good Kate! I am not very good at chess but I have to admit that I just haven't ever been able to really get into it either. Sorry I have been away so long! It is good to be back!

Dianne said...

Sounds like you had a ball, Kate! My brother tried to teach me a number of years ago and I was doing all right but my dear husband doesn't like board games and for lack of partners, I haven't played in years and now, I'm not even sure I can remember what piece does what or how to move them.

But it is a great game to utilize your brain. Keep up the good work! You might be a genius some day!

Megs said...

hooray for Kate!
Bens' and my romance began over a chessboard, in the LOGOS II lolling about space...
Facebook is fun for chess...Tom and I are in the middle of a good game.
Love to you and yours,