Saturday, 23 July 2011

Cooking Up a Storm

Last night I cooked and cooked in preparation for my in-laws visiting this weekend.  I made Gran's little cheese biscuits and a boiled fruitcake and shortbread and a sherry trifle.  I made meatballs to be cooked later today in a tomato sauce. I also made chicken stock from the bones of the roast chicken we ate earlier in the week.  The house smells wonderful.

I felt that I was channeling my grandmother, although Gran would probably not have made meatballs.  I think she would more likely have cooked a roast and a clear vegetable soup for guests.

This morning I will make lemony leeks with rice for a side dish and whip cream for the top of the trifle.  I'll warm the crusty bread I bought yesterday and make pumpkin soup with the chicken stock and one of the pumpkins I grew last summer and stored in the cellar. I might even bake a batch of scones, if time allows.  And of course, the whole family can help straighten up the house in readiness.

I have probably over-catered, but I always do.  I like my guests to have plenty to eat. Indeed, it's not really possible to over-cater with teenagers in the house.  They'll Hoover up any leftovers in no time at all.

Do you over-cater for guests?


Tracy said...

No. I seem to do just the right amount. Must be the childhood of having just enough and not much to spare that has gone deep into my psyche.

michelle said...

The food sounds so lovely! I would love to get invited to someone's home that had gone to that much effort. Lucky in-laws!

I've always wondered about making stock from a roast chicken carcass, does it turn out well?

I always over-cater when we have visitors. I think it's better to have too much than not enough, and I have a husband and two sons whose stomachs are bottomless pits so it doesn't go to waste.

xo.sorcha.ox said...

It is far better to over-cater than to not have enough, in my humble opinion! ;)

Poppy Black said...

Yes, but leftovers don't last long! Your feast sounds delicious.

Crunchie's Mum said...

Today I am cooking for 50, I do it once a year as a fundraiser for a community group. I'm having a mild panic about quantities - I would much rather have too much than not enough.

I'm cooking vegetable curry for the vegetarians, curried sausages for the meat eaters, rice for all and impossible lemon pie for dessert.

Kirstin said...

wow! You were a busy lady!!!